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No one works harder for you - or more effectively - than Law Offices of Bart J Carey. With our 25 years of experience, we offer knowledge and insight regarding the laws throughout the Newport Beach area. We will help you with your marriage mediation case.

Another aspect of divorce we at Law Offices of Bart J Carey found to be exasperating after 25 years practicing law, is the property division stage. You’ll naturally have some sort of attachment to your marital property in the Newport Beach area, and our marriage mediation representation is skilled at helping you find a good trade off.

At Law Offices of Bart J Carey, we are the legal professionals who possess the knowledge that can be immensely beneficial to you, regardless of your marriage mediation situation. In most marriage mediation proceedings, knowledge is power to the powerless. Therefore, it is imperative to seek reasonable, dependable marriage mediation counsel within the Newport Beach area during the early stages of your concerns.

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marriage mediation matters can be confusing. Do not let that affect your case in Newport Beach area courts. Call our professional team at Law Offices of Bart J Carey today for guidance through such confusing times.

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