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At Law Offices of Bart J Carey, we represent individuals and families in a wide range of legal issues. We have a strong focus on divorce mediation law and can help you through this difficult process. We take the time to learn about your divorce mediation case in the Irvine area. Our divorce mediation attorneys take the time to understand your individual needs and develop strategic solutions to protect your rights and best interests in the Irvine area courts.

Law Offices of Bart J Carey understands that there is a diversity of class and interest in the Irvine region. We are happy to tailor our divorce mediation services to our clients by giving them à-la-carte-style options or alternative billing arrangements to provide cost-effective solutions to our clients within the Irvine area. With 25 years of experience, we are confident in our ability to aggressively represent your interests while providing superior service.

At Law Offices of Bart J Carey we are passionate about fair divorce mediation proceedings and trials. We are equally passionate about the Irvine community. Which is why we have been so successful in advocating divorce mediation cases here for 25 years.

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After 25 years of practice, we at Law Offices of Bart J Carey have seen how intimidating the Irvine area court system can be to families. If you and your loved ones are dealing with divorce mediation matters in the Irvine area, call us at (714) 283-3400 for confident guidance today.

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