Collaborative Divorce Orange County

In a nutshell, Collaborative Divorce provides an affordable, expedient, multidisciplinary, non-court alternative to resolving the dissolution of your marriage by providing you and your spouse with the tools, professional support and guidance to reach mutual decisions which place your children first and accomplish your goals and priorities.

Benefits of Collaborative Practice

  • Long Term Approach
  • Cost Effective
  • Honest Assessment from own Counsel
  • Voice = Effective Co- Parenting
  • Control the Length of Process

More Creative Options Available

  • Think preventive medicine
  • Think restorative justice.
  • Think value added mediation.
  • Think Respect.
  • Think Dignity and Empowerment for the individual.

And the movement is now International and growing. Please take a moment to view the website of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals .



The benefits Collaborative Divorce are being practiced all over the world. A Swiss Practice group in Geneva developed this highly informative educational video, describing the Collaborative Process and its benefits. Choosing the Collaborative Approach truly does make a world of difference. If you live anywhere in California, you can find a Collaborative Divorce Professional at or in Orange County at



Affordable: The Collaborative process costs significantly less than litigation. Studies of the costs underway from the U.S., Canada and Europe indicate the costs to be from 1/10 th to1/5 th of traditional court processes.

Expedient: Typical court cases take 18 months. Typical collaborations are concluded in 18 weeks!

Multidisciplinary: A team of professionals guide you through the process. The team includes an attorney for each spouse, a ‘coach’ for each spouse, a neutral licensed financial advisor to aid ‘divorce planning’, and a neutral licensed professional with expertise and experience with children of divorce to assist the parents with developing a parenting plan and give a voice in the process to their children.

Non-court: Spouses and team members contract not to utilize any court process, but to work honestly and cooperatively to resolve all issues by agreements reached with the advice and counsel of the team. Either spouse is free to elect litigation or any other option at any time. But no team member may go with them. If either spouse breaks this agreement or elects to end the collaboration for any reason, the process ends, the team dissolves.

Tools, professional support and guidance: We have learned you know what’s best for your family and your children. And what’s best for you. We recognize you and your spouse could do this by yourself with the best results [better than a court, anyway] if only you had a little [or a lot] more: Knowledge of the law and how to navigate the legal system; Financial sophistication to design and implement a win-win property settlement that gives you the most and avoids pitfalls like unforeseen tax consequences; Expertise in the way your marital dissolution will impact your children at their particular age and stage of development; Proven strategies in how to anticipate and minimize those impacts on your children; New or renewed communication and interpersonal skills to work together with your spouse on this problem;

Mutual decisions: Only you and your spouse are empowered to make decisions. The process is designed to give you all the professional support and guidance needed to do so.

Place your children first: Your decisions on their behalf can truly reflect their best interests. Their needs and voices are brought to the decision making process through a licensed mental health professional. You, as their parents, are educated on the issues that divorce creates for children as they apply to your children at this age and stage of development.

Accomplish your goals and priorities: Your life and family is changing fast. Choices made now have permanent and lasting consequences for you and your children. The Collaborative Divorce process is designed to give you the tools to successfully navigate these difficult, potentially disastrous changes.