Free Consultation

Attorney Bart Carey offers a free one hour, no obligation consultation in which he meets with both spouses to review your situation and provide options to assist your family in achieving your desired outcome and/or final resolution.  Bart generally recommends that both parties attend the initial consultation. This helps to ensure that you both receive the information provided at the same time.  Although he recommends that you both attend the initial consultation, we are more than happy to schedule an appointment for you to meet with Bart if you feel your spouse would not be open/available.

Bart specializes in Mediation and Collaborative law.

  • In Divorce Mediation, Bart serves as a neutral professional assisting both spouses in settling disputes in an effort to create a “win-win” situation for your family.  The spouses control the presentation and decision making in the case.
  • Collaboration combines the positive qualities of Litigation and Mediation in a non-court, non-adversarial process.  As in Litigation each spouse is represented by their own attorney.  As in Mediation the clients and attorneys commit to an open information gathering process and a commitment to settle without going to court.

Prior to a consultation, we encourage both parties review our webpage  to learn about the collaborative and mediation processes.