• Talent and Ability

    Bart and Team…I am appreciative of your talent and ability to lead us through such a difficult process with positive professionalism. God bless all of you. Gratefully,

  • Safe Space to Get it Done

    Bart is gifted at creating a safe space for clients. He meets each person where they are and helps them break through the pain so they can get stuff done. He really is a counselor at heart.

  • Diplomacy and Resolution

    With the matter now concluded, I wanted to personally thank you and express my genuine appreciation for the outstanding job that you did as our mediator. There were many times when I was quite discouraged and felt that the mediation would surely disintegrate into litigation, but you always managed to bridge the challenges with diplomacy, grace and professionalism, and kept the matter on track for eventual resolution. The settlement certainly could not have been accomplished without you, and you will always have my sincere gratitude.

  • Directive and Sensitive

    I really appreciate all your efforts through the mediation process, your direction and sensitivity. You made a very difficult time in my life easier to manage. I’m so thankful you were referred to me and I will definitely pass on your names if I come across anyone in my same situation.

  • Professional Guidance

    Thank you for assisting us with the divorce process. I appreciate the guidance and professionalism of your office. I do hate the idea of being divorced but I imagine I’ll be getting used to it at some point! Again, thanks for all the help with the navigation.

  • Better Process Option

    Professor Carey is absolutely wonderful. So much that I believe he has opened up a lot of us to the idea of mediation. Hurt people hurt people. I think this world would be a better place if we resolved more issues through this process.

  • Level-Headed, Smart & Kind

    I am so grateful for my friend suggesting Bart as a solution… Not an easy or fun process, but I appreciate Bart’s level-headed nature and smart and kind suggestions. Many thanks to Bart for the good session today.

  • Worth Referring to

    I am a huge fan of the collaborative divorce process. I have watched it save clients ridiculous amounts of money and relationships afterward seem to be better….I’ve worked with Bart Carey and am a big fan of his. I have given his name and phone number at a dozen times.

  • Successful Outcome

    I want to thank you again for the terrific job in navigating this to a successful outcome. Very much appreciated and also thanks to your team!

  • Caring, Kind, Empathetic

    I have to say we are very blessed to have such a caring and kind mediator, and that reflected in how empathetic and kind you were to me.

  • Positive

    Yours is a tough business to be in. It takes a very special group of people to keep things positive in something that so many legal teams take the other way. Thanks!

  • Healing

    Thank you and Bart again. It was the most difficult and emotionally draining time of my life, and you both did well to help us on our way to future healing. I can’t thank you enough.

  • Level-Headed & Pragmatic

    I thank Bart so much for: 1. Not rushing to divorce with a client who may still have some energy left in the marriage tank and 2. For understanding AND articulating that the goal of counseling is in working with a couple and their communication. You Rock!!!

  • Options Driven

    Thank you. I think the weight of the world came off my shoulders this afternoon when I spoke to you. You were fabulous. I was in panic mode, and your “there are options” feedback was such a relief. Everything happens for a reason…

  • Improving Relationships

    What a blessing this Collaborative process has become. I am so glad that we chose to go this route. I was apprehensive at first, but I now am watching how this is unfolding. In fact, our relationship has improved.

  • Peaceful Results

    Thank you Bart for our meeting yesterday. You don’t have a very fun job. The Lord has blessed you very much. Thank you all for helping us through this difficult time.

  • Helpful

    Please extend my gratitude to Bart and Michelle for all their help in assisting with this process. Thanks again.

  • Results Oriented

    I am so glad that you know all of this stuff. Thank you again for being so awesome when I am dealing with something that I am not excited about!! But it has to be done. You are the best!

  • Helpful

    I really want to thank Bart personally for helping me.

  • Kind

    Thanks so much for your kindness.

  • Thank you both for all your help getting this done under the wire.

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