Attorney Profile

bartcareyBart J. Carey, Esq., Attorney/Mediator
My name is Bart Carey and I practice family law. I often refer to my job as being a “Peacemaker”. (That’s how we decided on the website name.) Mediation and Collaborative practice are not just a market niche for me to make a living…they are my ministry.
By nature I am more peacemaker than warrior. Even in the most complex/hostile situations, I work as diligently to find ‘common ground’ as some work to ‘demon-ize’ the other. My core business is to help divorcing couples who are not in agreement find the appropriate tools to guide them through the divorce process. By listening to their real needs and crisis: emotional, financial, even spiritual; I seek to direct incorporate the best solutions available.
My journey to ‘peacemaker’ began with my experience as a family law litigator. The negative impacts litigation so often has on families and, especially children, troubled me. My resolution was to find a better way to help families journey through divorce.

  • As a professional, I have diligently and extensively studied and trained in the legal processes of litigation, mediation and collaboration.
  • As a human being, I recognized that the vast majority of people want to be fair and find peace in their divorce so they can move on in life.
  • As a peacemaker, coming to the practice of Collaborative law, for me, is coming home.

Divorce is not the end of the family…there are children, grandchildren, graduations, weddings and funerals… As a peacemaker, my mission is to help you and your family journey through this crisis with a better future and hope for a family that does not remain in conflict and continue to cause pain to your children and grandchildren.
Bart graduated from Western State University College of Law and was admitted to the California Bar in 1988. Bart has actively practiced Collaborative Law since February 2004 and Mediation since 1998.

MC SmallMichelle Carey, Office Manager/Paralegal
In 2007 my career path took a unexpected turn from banking to law. Who would have thought I would end up in my husband’s line of business…divorces. Family law was not something that I ever dreamed of. But working in a practice with the goal of “A More Peaceful Divorce” changed my mind.
If life has brought you to the place of divorce, this is the only way to go. It’s a noncourt, non-adversarial, family-focused process. It’s divorce with the post-divorce family in mind.
When I started in 2007, I put my business and marketing skills to use for the business. In 2009 I received my paralegal certificate from UCI. I love working with my husband and best friend, I love being part of this emerging practice of family law and I love how my new career gives me the flexibility I need to concentrate on the most important things in life.
We`re glad you found us and hope we can help you during this difficult chapter of your life.